WSDC Critical Issues

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Witmer Critical Issues

Health Department Critical Issue

  1. In our community, we have many community members who suffer from Hypertension, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Strokes. These conditions are because there is not enough education on these conditions and not enough resources to contain health.
  1. In our community’s there is not enough prevailing/living wage jobs for our community to obtain. We have either have no job training or no jobs to place them in or vice versa. For a community to flourish, each member must earn a living (living wage/prevailing wage). Lack of job assets or connections is Witmer’s biggest concern.

3.   In our community, we have double the market-rate apartments and less affordable housing. Homelessness is doubling due to market rate places that do not match the minimum wages.  Witmer want to assist in this movement with other organization to get more affordable housing in our communities

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