WSDC Housing Events

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 Housing Events for all demographics: families, vets, single-parent families, and single men and women clients will have a variety of options at our housing events. Our housing events will host owners and organizations renting and selling their property local to the area. Clients and owners will connect one-on-one and schedule a tour; these locations will be affordable options.

Housing Forum

Attendees will have the platform to voice their thoughts, concerns, and opinions on housing in the community. We will also discuss solutions for finding more affordable rent and the qualifications necessary to become a homeowner in the future. We will discuss how we can make the city accountable for our housing shortcomings and make sure anybody who builds our community has a CBA to house at least 50 to 30% of our community in their complex. All our housing options will be inclusive of the unique needs of our clients.

Beautification/Placemaking projects

Clients will clean up their neighborhood and create a community they can relate to and call their own. Making neighborhoods nicer and cleaner will empower residents and combat negative stereotypes.

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