WSDC Jobs Department Events

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Jobs Fairs “once a month” or “twice a month”

Clients will have an opportunity to meet employers and have one on one interviews with them. The employers will have opening to hire our clients on the spot if they are successful in their interview. We will have multiple employer who will be there to fill positions. They will be offering at least 10 dollars or more an hour to our clients.

Career Day “once or twice a month”

Clients will meet people who are willing to work with them to train them for their career in their desire field. These fields will be selected by a survey and outreach data on careers the community and students are interested in.

Job Forums

Community will have the floor to discuss what they need to make a living. Community will discuss minimum wage how it affect them and what jobs do they need to have a living wage.  Food and group discussions will take place.

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