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Movimiento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlan (Mecha) is an aztlan chicano student movement. They fight for the rights of Chicano and work with other organizations that deal with issues such as immigration and discrimination. Mecha have been around for a long time. It is more than just a club on campus. It is a movement that is ongoing as we speak.

LATTC Computer Club

Description: A computer club is a tech group that assists students in increasing their computer skills. They teach a class every Wednesday at 2 pm on the LATTC Campus. The computer is the future, and this club is about introducing the future to individuals to understand.

Student Leaders

Description:  Student Leaders is a club that builds students’ capacity to be leaders on LATTC Campus. They believe in students can be leaders with proper training and organizing around causes that affect their students’ lives on and off-campus.

Saint John’s Medical Clinic

Description: Saint Johns is a medical clinic that treats students and the community around the LATTC community. They were brought on campus through organizing. CD Tech was one of the organizations that fought for Saint Johns to be on campus.

Adam Club


Addam Club is a club that deals with automotive majors. Thye is also known for their significant brother role on campus to assist other clubs with their issues. They may be an automotive club, but they build leadership among the campus to get all students active. They have car shows to not only promote their major but to have community involvement as well.

Liberty Club

Description: The Liberty Club is a club who promote their values on the politic system that is used in our county today. We may agree or disagree, but in some way, we are a liberal. They do not force their views but allow engagement to talk about serious issues around and off-campus.

Bridges to Success

Description:  Bridges to Success is about making sure students have what they need to succeed on LATTC Campus. They assist over 1,00o students per semester. They have programs for college students and those who are trying to get their GED.

They have a great success rate and are a great resource to have on the LATTC campus for the students and community.

Work Source Center

Description: The Work Source Center on campus is for students and the community to have Success on and off-campus. They are a great example again of how organizing can bring resources on campus. They have great job leads and staff. Work Source Center is the place to be if anyone needs income.

Club Contour

Description:   Club Contour is a club on the LATTC campus that deal with fashion. They have at least three events that involve students on how important fashion is on campus. The club has a great Advisor who is highly active and members who are dedicated.

Black Student Union

Description: BSU is about providing resources to African American students. They are a resource, and backbones do blacks and other cultures on campus to come together and fight for what we need and want together. BSU is a nationwide organization organized for over a thousand students regarding any mistreatment on their campus.

Brentwood Westwood Symphony Orchestra

Description: They are a 62-year-old orchestra that gives a free concert to the community and scholarship to students

Durant Management Corporation

Description: This company is a one-stop internationally renowned business development firm. Clients include the Jackson family, Carl Lewis, movie industry moguls.

Joseph Church

Description: They are significantly involved in the community. They give out food and have been around for over 100 years serving the community.

United Deaf Power Club

Description:  They support the deaf community through events and fundraising.

Vernon Work source Center

Description: They help the community get jobs and teach the essential skills needed to be successful.

LATTC Associated Student Organization

Description: They are an organization that advocates for students and votes on their behalf on issues that directly affect them.

Student Senate Community College Council

Pico Union Housing Corporation

They offer individuals permanent housing and individuals pay 1/3 of the rent if they qualify for low-income. They also offer first time homebuyers assistance through the Puede Center.

Pacific Asian Consortium for Employment

This organization offers entrepreneur Training program for individuals. They also educate individuals on how to improve and increase their credit. Individuals can receive assistances for utilities payments.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority


The organization provide transportation services to passengers

Choice Personnel/Choice Staffing

The organization serve clients by referring temporary and permanent staff for hire

City Properties


The organization acquire real estate at tax default auction

Suzie’s Authentic Culinary Art School


It is a school that teaches pregnant teen mothers and teen fathers culinary arts for employment in the culinary field. It also focuses on preparing students to be employed in the culinary field.

Susan Oshinuga Foundation


The foundation is a charitable that assists with educational development and academic achievement of teens in underserved communities.

Dream Center


The organization have programs that transform former felons’ lives assist people who are victims of natural disasters and train people to serve communities where needed.

Math Tutoring Program


The organization provide tutoring for children in communities that are underserved.

Community Food Pantry Distribution Center


The organization distribute food in the community.

Hope Food Network


This is an organization that collaborate with other orgs to feed the community in Los Angeles.

United Methodist Women


The organization serve food at food banks and distribute clothing to the community.

OrrVilla Retirement Community

This organization is a retirement community that have concert series.

NSSA Center


NSSA is a non-profit organization committed to transforming foster children’s lives through education. Specifically, NSSA will provide quality transitional housing, life skills, and training for foster youth 12 -2 4 years old. They offer civic and vocational opportunities to assist the youth in their emancipation from the state.


Community Planning Economic Development Club


The club organize events to create change in the LATTC community surrounding them.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College


It is an education institution that provide resources and opportunity to community member by offer education for them to get a trade or transfer to a university.

CD Tech

This is a nonprofit that focus on building leaders in the community by providing educational resources and economic opportunity.

Inter Club Council


This organization is about creating event on LATTC campus to share different experiences and to provide a creative environment.

First 5 L.A,


The organization deal with family and kids around policy and advocacy.




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