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Joy Of Music

Raby Maidah Savage is a pianist and vocal soloist, Raby Maidah Savage (RMS) was born in Niger Republic, West Africa but grew up in the Kidron/Dalton, Ohio area before attending Ashland University beginning at age 13. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in French and later pursued graduate studies at Yale toward her Ph.D. In French while studying with teachers in the School of Music. She was the first musician ever invited to the prestigious Tchaikovsky International Music Competition to perform in both voice and piano. Savage frequently performs and speaks at universities, libraries, religious and civic organizations. She has been a volunteer with numerous nonprofit organizations from the age of 13 when she was a candystriper volunteer at a nursing home.

Teachers/coaches/mentors: Phyllis Curtin, Natalie Limonick, Franco and Loretta Corelli’s protege Linda (Noelle) Nichols, Michael Carson, Hope Haley and Raymond Joseph Montoni, Karl Trump, Paul G. Gleason, Thomas Hemsley, Goetz and Karan Friedrich, Dr. Virtel, David Pollack, James Swisher, Nancy Carroll, Muriel Burrell Smith, Margaret Baxtresser, Marian Barr, Amy Wong

Raby has made over 700 appearances on Moscow Russia Television, the Beverly Hills Symphony Orchestra, OrrVilla Senior Condominum Community (Orrville, Ohio  1 mile from corporate headquarters for Smucker’s Jam Company), as PBS Television membership drive Co-Host (Richmond Virginia), Park Street Church (Boston, Massachusetts), Kiwanis Clubs, Church of the Open Door, Temple where Natalie Limonick the late USC coach attended (Los Angeles, California), piano debut at age 12 at the residence of the United States Ambassador to Niger, Robert J. Ryan

Benefits from going to Joy of Music

Raby will refer qualified performing artists to the revived The Maidahs Touch (TMT) Talent Agency

What does Joy of Music teach?

The Joy Of Music provides piano and singing lessons.
The mission is for the Joy of Music (brand) to provide a joyful experience of learning music for students of all ages from 3 to Seniors  through caring and inspiring instruction.

Time from 10am – 2pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Location:  10612 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone Number: (213) 798-1870

Pay Rate: 1/2 hour $50.00

                  1 hour $100.00

Group of 2 or more: $38.00 per person per hour

2 people $76.00 per hour

4 people $152.00 per hour

10 or more : Flat Rate  $200.00 for entire group class per hour

Contract or from month to month and payment is due at the first week of the month

Witmer Street Development Corporation invite you to learn music and be part of something creative.

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